Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ovechkin commits to the NHL

Up-and-coming Russian phenom Alexander Ovechkin announced today he was waiving his contract with Russian Super League team Omsk because he would rather play in the NHL.

With two of two potential superstars committing to the NHL -- both Ovechkin and Sidney have chosen North America -- despite much media speculation to the contrary, it seems as though the doom and gloom about young stars bolting to Europe for "more money" is a fabrication. It never took an expert to realize that in the long term they would make far more money by staying in the NHL, yet salary-cap and CBA cynics have been warning all along that the NHL would lose countless up-and-comers because of the apparently inadequate $850,000 rookie cap provision.

The two biggest names (and biggest risks, if these prognostications proved true) have chosen the bright lights and stiffer competition of the NHL despite an initially lower salary. Perhaps there's something to be said for playing in the best hockey league in the world after all?


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