Monday, July 18, 2005

A Renewal

As the world turns, as the sand pours through the hourglass, as the days tick down toward ratification of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement: a new-era scribe will pen for you his thoughts and opinions on this rebirth of professional hockey.

For it is a new age; I think for too long the NHL and those who sit upon the various and sundry committees, boards, and panels associated with it in a first- or third- party sense are tied to anachronisms and antiquities. Obviously, as the phrase "think outside the box" has become a victim of itself and is but an ironic cliche, I cannot use it, but it vaguely points towards the promised-land of innovative thinking. And it is, in this writer's opinion, innovative thinking which the NHL has somewhat sorely lacked in the years previous to the new CBA, but has quite publicly wished for dividends from in the milk-and-honey realms of TV syndication and marketing.

Forward thinking, then, though I am intrinsically averse to that kind of management speak, is what I purport to offer my kind and gentle readers: critiques of the league, the players, and the media which cover them with this kind of innovation in mind. I have my traditionalist tendencies and do not consider myself an extremist for overhauling the league and making it unrecognizable to fans of its previous iterations; the trick, obviously, is to balance what exists in the game that makes its fans among the most passionate for any sport with the understanding that, for the NHL to be a successful, modern professional sports league, many drastic changes must be made. This milieu -- free of charge -- is what The New NHL will bring to your virtual doorstep.

Now, a note about me. (As, fans must have some sort of character to latch onto and identify with!) I am a passionate -- occasionally problematically so -- fan of NHL hockey. My team loyalties are to a small-to-mid market team, though I need not bother to say which one -- I'd hate to color my words with the colors of my jersey. Professionally -- irony intended -- I am a student and musician, living in the frozen wastelands (though some would say hockey Eden) of Canada. Politically, I lean somewhat markedly to the left, as all students seem to do; I like beer, chicks, and ethnic food -- though I don't recommend all at once; not only is such a combination messy, I dare not describe the unpleasant situation of sushi in the...nevermind. I am as avid an internet surfer as I am a hiker and as I am a hockey fan, and I am just as passionate about pucks as I am completely disinterested by North America's other major sports. (Base-what? Foot-who? And so on.)

I look forward to your feedback as a reader and fellow hockey fan; comments are always enabled and always encouraged. Thank you for reading and I hope you're as excited about the return of the NHL as I am!


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